Why Is My Hair So Dry Even with Conditioner? A Scientific Solutions

Hair dry is a great problem for both men and women nowadays. Most people said that they use oil, conditioner, and other elements on their hair, but it is still dry.

So, what is the actual reason to dry your hair after using conditioner and other elements on your hair?

Why is my hair so dry even with conditioner? I know you have a couple of questions in your mind.

To answer your question, you can check out whether your hair uses the oil or coconut oil properly; after that, use the conditioner in your hair the right way to get the best result.

I know the information is not enough for you. Don’t worry, I will discuss this matter in detail, which clears your confusion and provides you with the best answer. So, let’s get started with the article.

Why Is My Natural Hair So Dry and Brittle?

Dry and brittle hair is caused by breakage. There are a couple of reasons I found which make the hair dry and brittle. But I only discuss here 4 core reasons which help you to understand why your natural hair is so dry and brittle.


1. You Don’t Use Right Product

It is true that a couple of people don’t use the right product for their hair, which makes their hair dry and brittle. Now, you should check out your shampoo, soap, oil, and other products.

If you think that all products are right and you don’t use duplicate products for your hair, you can jump the following stage.

2. You Are Not Deeping Conditioning

Conditioning is an important part of your hair. You never rush here because your fair needs some time to get the conditions.

You will get softer, more pliable, less frizzy, and prevent breakage hair problems with proper conditioning. So, check out this section when you are conditioning.

3. You May Use Oil Wrong Way

There are two types of oil you may discover on the market: moisture oil and seal oil.

Moisture oil provides your hair with vitamins and makes the hair strong. Well, seal oil also provides the best solution to avoid dry and brittle hair problems.

4. You May Use Over the Product

Sometimes people use the hair product frequently, which affects their hair and dry and brittle the hair. You always need to maintain a proper time to use the hair product.

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Conditioner Makes My Hair Dry?

After conditioning your hair and finding a dry condition, that means your hair does not properly hold moisture. Your conditioner may keep wet for a time, and after that, the hair becomes dry.

On the other hand, your hair may eliminate protein caused by using hair products a couple of times. These two causes are a core problem which dries your hair after using conditioner.

How to Moisturize Natural Hair Daily?

It is not a tricky task to moisture natural hair daily. But, you need to follow proper steps to keep moisture in your hair regularly. What is the best method to keep the hair moisture naturally regularly? Let me discuss this in detail.

  1. First, you need to use true moisture, which has water as the 1st and 2nd ingredients.
  2. Seal the moisture with a seal oil such as Shea butter, castor oil, or avocado oil.
  3. After that, you need to trim your ends regularly.
  4. It would help if you avoided heat in your hair.
  5. It would help if you tried to keep your hand out from your hair.
  6. Keep a satin bonnet or a pillow.
  7. Try to condition deeply regularly.

Why Is My Hair So Dry After Washing and Conditioning?

Your hair becomes so dry after washing and conditioning because your hair has lacked moisture. Moreover, you should also check out that you deep condition your hair and your proper product.

Furthermore, to keep moisturizing your hair, you should use seal oil such as Shea butter, castor oil, and others. If you think that I’ve tried everything and my hair is still dry, then you should check out this section.

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How Do I Fix Extremely Dry Hair?

How Do I Fix Extremely Dry Hair

If possible, you should appoint a doctor to solve the problem. But, if you think that it is not possible for you, then you can check out the following steps to fix extremely dry hair.

  1. First of all, you need to fix your moisture. Your hair moisture may not be lasting. You can use true moisture to get the best solution.
  2. Take vitamins. You should take vitamin A, vitamin C, and the mineral iron to boost your hair.
  3. Try to avoid washing your hair every day because it is harmful to your hair.
  4. Used seal oil to keep moisture for a long-time.
  5. If you are careless about deep conditioning, then you should keep in mind that it is very important for your hair. So, try deep conditioning.

How Can I Fix My Dry Hair After Menopause?

If you found your hair after menopause, then you need to take a proper step to fix the problem. So, let’s check out the below steps to solve the problem without spending much time and money.

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1. Boost Your Intake Minerals & Vitamins

Most of the time makes the hair dry after menopause because of boosts the hair and lacks vitamins. You need to take proper vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.

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2. Stop Smoking Right Now

When you smoke regularly, that means it affects your hormones. Hormones play an important role in keeping your hair strong and moisture. So, you just need to keep in mind this thing.

3. Moisture Your Hair

You may already hear about moisture. It is truly important to keep moisture on the hair. You can use seal oil after conditioning to keep moisture in your hair for a long-time. Note, you just need to condition deeply.

4. Soothe Your Scalp

So, many women experiencing menopause and complain that they fall great problems from terrible dandruff due to the dry scalp condition.

Here, you can use shampoo for menopausal hair loss problems and avoid dandruff. Why is my hair so dry even though I use conditioner? Because of the lacking of moisture and scalp. To solve the problems you must need to use shampoo.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

A survey shows that drinking much water makes the hair moisture strong, dandruff-free, and also provides a couple of benefits. So, you just need to drink plenty of water, especially morning.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Why is my hair always dry?

A: Your hair is always dry because of two causes, such as moisture and deep condition.

Moisture always avoids dry hair or breakage. You, you need to use true moisture to keep hair strong and avoid the dry condition. Note, you just need to do the deep conditioning.

Q: My hair is dry no matter what I do?

A: If your hair is dry, whatever you do, then you should check out your hair product first. Moreover, after deep conditioning,

You should also use seal oil like castor oil or Shea butter to avoid the dry condition. So, many women don’t use seal oil and proper condition, which make their hair dry.

Q: Should I moisturize my hair every day?

A: The official answer is no. If you use moisture in your hair regularly, then your hair loses the silky skin and looks ugly.

On the other hand, keeping moisture every day also reduces the seal and working moisture, which may harm your hair.

Q: Why is the top of my hair so dry?

A: Your hair to dry even after conditioning properly? That means your hair doesn’t get moisture properly and also lack vitamin.

You should try vitamin A and vitamin C. If possible, try to get iron for your hair to avoid dry conditions.

Q: Why does my hair feel like straw after deep conditioning?

A: If you do deep conditioning for your hair and then feel like straw, you should try to seal oil to keep moisture and avoid straw feel.

After conditioning, your hair gets proper moisture, and you need to keep the moisture for a long-time which helps you seal oil.

Q: Why is my hair so dry in the morning?

A: In the morning, your hair does not have any moisture and oil, and that’s why your hair becomes dry in the morning.

Another reason is that the lack of conditioning. You just need to keep conditioning in the morning and use seal oil to bring back the awesome hair.

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You Are Near the Corner

Why is my hair so dry even with conditioner? Nowadays, it is a common question for every man and woman.

Most of the time, the problem causes a lack of moisture, vitamins, using wrong products, and a couple of things.

I hope that the above article solves your problem and you have already enjoyed your beautiful hair.

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