What to look for in a hair dryer 2022 Updated

It’s quite overwhelming to find a good hair dryer. It’s therefore crucial to have all the relevant information before making a purchase. What are the main features that one should look for in a hair dryer?

What is the good wattage for a blow dryer? Well, we have answers to all those questions. The guide will help you learn all the information you need to get the best hair dryer.

You also get to know the best blow dryer to use on various hair types, such as curly hair, natural hair, long hair, and damaged hair.

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Features to look for in a hairdryer

Multiple heats and speed settings

Look for hair dryers that have multiple heat and speed settings. The settings will help you make the necessary adjustment to achieve the best results for your hair type.

Buy Hair dryers that have low, medium, and high heat settings. High heat settings work best for coarse and dry hair; however, for fine and curly hair types, professionals recommend that you use low heat settings.


It would be best to purchase a lightweight hairdryer that way, you can easily blow dry your hair without getting tired. Before purchasing get to know how much the blow dryer weighs.

A hairdryer which is one pound or less would be perfect.


It would be best to purchase a blow dryer that comes with extras. Look for a hairdryer that comes with accessories such as a diffuser attachment,

Concentrator nozzle, and extra combs. The attachments will help you in hair straightening and are also good styling tools.


The wattage of a hair dryer determines how much time it will take to dry your hair for dry. Hair dryers with high watts facilitate a fast-drying time.

For fine and thin hair hairdryers with around 1500 would be the best however for thick hair a dryer with high wattage works best.


Hair Type

We have different hair types, making it crucial to know our hair types if we want to get the right hair dryer.

Curly hair

For curly hair, dryers that come with attachments are great. A diffuser will help you smoothen your hair and lock those curls as you blow dry your hair.

If you have thicker hair, it would be best to look for a diffuser with wide separators, enabling the hairdryer to distribute the hot air evenly when still adding volume to help you preserve the shape of the curls.

Thick hair

Thick hair takes more time to dry. You wouldn’t want to wait for about one hour to ensure that your hair is completely dry. Therefore, look at the technology used.

This hair type requires ionic hair dryers as it has negative ions, which help dry your hair fast. The dryers also seal the hair cuticles and get rid of the water molecules faster enabling you to have sleek, shiny, and smooth hair.

Frizzy hair

It’s important to invest in a high-quality model dryer if you have frizzy hair. The modern dryers help to reduce the drying time, eliminate frizz, and have smooth and shiny hair.

For frizzy hair, an ionic hair dryer would be great. Ionic dryers emit negative ions which break down water molecules thus facilitating fast hair drying.

You may also use a hair dryer that uses infrared technology as they protect you from heat damage.

Check for Multiple Settings.

When purchasing a hair dryer, always look for one with multiple speed settings. A hair dryer with low, medium, and high heat settings would be an ideal choice.

Low and medium heat settings allow you to style easily and also prevent hair from frizz and tangling.

High heat settings allow for fast hair drying. You can also adjust the heat settings to suit your hair type.

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Materials and Build Quality

Some of the main materials used in making a hair dryer include copper wiring, electrical motor, fan blade, and other electrical components. Plastic is also used for the outside shell of the hair dryers.

How many watts should a hair dryer be?

The amount of wattage of a hair dryer mainly depends on its model. To determine the number of watts and the maximum wattage of a hair dryer,

You can check the hair dryers’ box or online. Most home hair dryer’s wattages range between 750 to 1500 watts, while most professional hair dryers have a maximum wattage of 3500 watts.

Are more watts better for a hair dryer?

Most experts say that the higher the wattage, the better the hair dryer is. The main reason behind that is based on the fact that a high wattage hair dryer is much hotter and facilitates fast hair drying. However,

A higher wattage works best for people with thicker hair but is not preferable to people with thin hair. To avoid getting brittle hair you should not dry your hair for longer periods of time

Heat Adjustment

Most hair dryers usually have three heat adjustments that are low, medium, and high heat adjustment.

  • High heat settings.

High heat settings work well for coarse and thick hair. So, if you have thick hair, that is the heat mode that you should use. High heat settings facilitate fast hair drying and help you stretch out your hair strands, thus creating super straight hair.

  • Medium heat settings.

It’s the best heat heating for thin and fine hair. Medium heat settings are good for hairstyling and ensure that you dry your hair well.

  • Low heat settings.

The low heat settings also work well for people with fine hair. Fine hair is naturally weak, and one should not use excessive heat when drying the hair.

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What Is an Ionic Hair Dryer

Our hair usually has positive and negative ions. The ionic blow dryer breaks down the water molecules, thus prevent hair from frizz and detangling. The dryer also has negative ions, which ensure that you get smooth and shiny hair.

What to look for when buying a hair dryer?

You might be overwhelmed about which features that you should look for in a hair dryer.

Well, there are many features that you should have in mind to purchase a suitable hair dryer. Choose a hair dryer with the following features.


  • High wattage

    Choose a hair dryer with a wattage that suits your hair type. For dry andcoarse hair, use a high wattage blow dryer.

  • Weight
    Consider buying a lightweight hair dryer.
  • Attachments

    Choose a hair dryer that comes with extras, such as a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle.
  • Multiple heat settings

    A hair dryer with versatility gives you control of your hair by allowing you to make the necessary adjustment for your hair type and help in hair styling. Also, choose a hair dryer that has a cool shot button.
  • Technology
    A hair dryer that uses ionic technology will help you get smooth, sleek, and shiny hair.

How to find a good hair dryer?

The first step towards finding a good hair dryer is by ensuring that you are aware of all the necessary features you need for a hair dryer.

After that, you may choose to find the right hair dryer by looking for the product online or physically visiting the stores.

Some of the renowned online stores that you can find a good hair dryer are Amazon and eBay. Some of the best hair dryers include

  • Curaluxe
  • Bayliss Pro Nano hairdryer
  • Dyson supersonic hair dryer
  • Conair Infiniti pro

What type of hair dryer is best for curly hair?

If you have curly hair, it would be best to purchase a blow dryer with multiple heats and speed settings. To achieve great hair results,

It’s recommended that you use a low and medium heat setting to help prevent hair frizz.

It’s also important to use a low-wattage blow dryer. Curly hair is one of the most delicate hair hence you should not use a high wattage motor.

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What Is a Good Wattage for a Hair Dryer?

A good wattage would work best for you. Most people prefer to buy a blow dryer with high wattage as it will facilitate fast hair drying. For fine hair or thin hair, then a hair dryer of 1500 to 2000 watts would be ideal.

What to look for in a professional hair dryer?

The main feature to look at in a professional hair dryer is the wattage. The hairdryer needs to have high wattage as most walk-in customers visit the salon for a blow-dry.

You wouldn’t want to disappoint your client by taking too much time. Blow dryers with higher wattage facilitate in drying of the hair quickly.

The technology that the hair dryer uses is also a major factor. You need to have a hair dryer that can work well on various hair types. A tourmaline dryer is ideal for thick and frizz-prone hair.

Tourmaline dryers will help you eliminate frizz and also keep your hair healthy. Hair dryers that use ceramic or porcelain technology are also recommended to prevent hair frizz and facilitate fast hair drying.

The most important features to look for when purchasing a hot hair dryer include a higher wattage, heat setting, and technology used.

How to Choose the best hair dryer for your hair type?

You can easily get the best blow dryer for your hair type by checking on the following features.

  • Wattage

You wouldn’t like to take forever drying your hair. It’s, therefore, becomes very crucial to choose a hair dryer that suits your hair type and speeds up the drying process.

People with thicker hair should consider buying hair wattage dryers that way. You get to dry your hair faster without exposing your hair to excess heat. For fine and thin hair, a low wattage blow dryer would be ideal.

  • Weight

A lightweight hair dryer would be ideal. It usually takes more time to dry coarse hair; hence you don’t want to get tired before finalizing the blow-dry.

  • Adjustable heat settings

Choose a blow dryer that you can easily adjust for the various hair types. Low heat settings would be ideal for fine and natural hair.

  • A cool shot button

A cool shot button facilitates hairstyling as the cool air help to seal the cuticles making your hair gets a shiny look.

Professional vs. Drugstore hairdryers- which is better?

A professional hair dryer is better as compared to a drug store hair dryer. Drug store hair dryers are relatively cheap but trust me.

You might end up having more problems using the drug store hair dryer instead of helping you acquire smooth and sleek hair.

Professional blow dryers are lightweight, powerful and you get to enjoy maximum versatility as you can adjust the speed and heat settings.

Most of the professional dryers have a cool shot feature to help you in hair styling. The dryers are used great technology that assures that your hair gets that amazing look.

For example, ionic blow dryers ensure even heating your hair, making your hair smooth and sleek. These high wattage dryers work best for dry, thick, and frizzy hair.

Ionic (or not), Tourmaline.

Ionic dryers emit negative ions; on the other hand, our wet hair has positively charged ions.

The Ionic dryer allows the distribution of the water droplets on the hair shaft, thus facilitating fast hair drying and preventing hair frizz.

Hair dryers that use ionic technology are best for frizzy and dry hair; however, you should not use them on flat hair.

Imagine tourmaline hair dryers as ionic hair. Most of these hair dryers are made using a semi-precious mineral, thus emitting more negative ions which makes your hair dry quickly and protect your hair


When buying a hair dryer always ensure that you have all the right information. Some of the key elements that you should look for in a hair dryer include wattage, the technology used, weight,

The multiple heat adjustments, airflow settings and attachments. For curly hair types, a hair dryer wattage of at least 1500 watts would work best.

Some of the best blow dryers technology that you can use on various hair types include an ionic dryer, porcelain dryers,

Or hair dryer that uses tourmaline technology or ceramic technology . With the guide, you can easily get the right hair dryer.

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