What is a Vanity Mirror?

Let’s Talk About What is Vanity Mirror

What is Vanity Mirror: A vanity mirror is a personal mirror made for everyday use, including applying makeup, grooming, making your hair, and generally assisting you in looking your best every day.

Vanity mirrors are usually placed over a vanity space or table where you can access your brush, combs, makeup kits, and other cosmetic products. Also, some vanity mirrors are designed with LED bulbs, while some aren’t.

Why is it Called a Vanity Mirror?

Vanity can be linked to the vainness. And since there is a saying that “beauty is vanity,” some refer to it as a beauty mirror, hence a vanity mirror.

That said, it is perhaps termed so because it is typically attached above a vanity table, with compartments holding brushes, cosmetics, and combs necessary for personal grooming. In the 18th century, the vanity table was called a toilet table.

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The Importance of Vanity Mirror

Women are the major users of the vanity mirror, which is because women are highly self-conscious about their looks and how the mirror magnifies any flaw.

A vanity mirror boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. It also reduces stress.

A vanity mirror is an important help for everyday grooming. It helps you check your appearance, applies makeup, does your hair, and generally helps you look your best.

How Do I Choose a Best Vanity Mirror?

Choosing a vanity mirror is different from choosing a regular mirror. They don’t serve the same purpose, so here’s what to look out for:

  • Pick a style that goes well with your vanity area/table
  • Pick how many vanity mirrors you want. Yes, you can have more than one vanity mirror; to create an infinity mirror to help you see different angles.
  • Pick the right size: your vanity mirror shouldn’t be larger than your vanity table.
  • Decide on where to hang the mirror. Decide if it would be mounted on the wall or placed on a suspender or surface.

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What Size Should Mirror Be Over Vanity?

As a rule of thumb, your mirror should be several inches less than your vanity area. For instance, if your vanity is 48”, you shouldn’t go for a mirror (including frame) that is larger than 48”.

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How Big Should a Mirror Be Over a 30-Inch Vanity?

The mirror and its frame shouldn’t be larger than 30 inches. Otherwise, your vanity area will look lopsided and unplanned. It doesn’t have to be the same size, but it must not be larger than the vanity.