Should I Wash My Hair Before a Haircut in 2022? Updated Info

Many people wonder whether to wash their hair the night before a haircut appointment or go to their stylist with unwashed hair. Actually, the second-day hair is neither super dirty nor squeaky clean, but it’s the preferable option.

However, for the oily hair type, shampooing it beforehand can ease the process and improve the outcome.

Keeping your hair clean at all times is important. But the fact that hairstylists wash and style your hair after a haircut can lead to the question – should I wash my hair before a haircut?

The article will tell you what professional hairstylists expect from you when you go to have your hair cut.

Should You Wash Hair Before Haircut?

Getting a haircut should be relaxing. Washing your hair beforehand depends on the haircut that you want.

For instance, your hair should be fresh and clean when going for a dry haircut because buildups weigh the hair down and may lay differently compared to clean hair.

Therefore, your stylist will prefer to wash it before cutting, especially when it’s too oily or when you want a wet haircut.

Further, washing your hair prior to the scheduled haircut appointment is recommended because many stylists can’t work and style dirty hair. Washing it afterward will also ruin the new hairstyle.

Should You Wash Hair Before Haircut

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Do You Wash Your Hair Before a Haircut?

Washing your hair before the appointment or in the salon depends on additional considerations.

For instance, some hair applications require washing your hair before working on it. Thus if that is the case, you need to clean your hair before going to the salon.

Further, some stylist prefers to work on wet hair, so they will wash it themselves to ensure no natural oil or residual products remains in your hair. These professional stylists apply expert techniques when cleaning the scalp and the hair.

So they will wash, condition, massage, rub in the products properly, something that you can’t do on your own.

On the other hand, you will be required to clean your hair before the appointment if you want a dry haircut. So, it’s advisable to call your hairstylist if you’re not sure whether your preferred style is a wet hair cut or dry cut.


Is It Rude to Not Wash Hair Before Haircut?

Many myths about pre-cut hair preparation exist. For instance, some people believe cutting during a crescent moon will cause it to grow faster. The truth is that your hair grows at the same rate each month. In fact, it adds approximately 1-1.5 centimeters.

Whether to wash your hair prior to a haircut appointment has similar beliefs also. However, some people working on a tighter budget clean their hair at home in order to avoid the extra cost and only pay for the haircut.

Additionally, not washing your hair before a haircut is not rude because your stylist can wash it if they want a clean and fresh canvas, such as when doing a wet haircut.

On the other hand, having good hygiene with your hair is crucial, and you should do it when getting a haircut or not.

For instance, you can’t show up with hair that hasn’t seen water for 10 days. That will be extremely rude of you not to wash your hair for such a long period just because you have a pre-cut appointment with your stylist. They will not appreciate your lack of hygiene habits.

For that reason, wash your hair when it feels heavy, lacks movement, and is not easy to brush. These are signs that your hair has a greasy layer because of the scalp and skin sweat. So it’s recommended to remove the natural greasy layer every 48 hours to help your hair breathe.

But it’s not recommended to wash it every day because the natural oil protects the scalp. So use dry shampoo when the hair gets greasy to keep it clean without washing it with water.


Is It Rude to Not Wash Hair Before Haircut

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Do You Need to Wash Hair Before Haircut?

Preferably, one should wash their hair a day before their haircut appointment. Doing so will prepare you for styling because the stylist will work on a clean canvas. Still, it’s easier to work on a second-day hair than unwashed or freshly washed hair.

At times the stylist will inform you that your hair is extremely dirty for them to proceed. In such instance, they will shampoo your hair before working on it, which might be considered an additional service; thus, an extra cost on you, or it might be free.

Although the stylist may not ask you to leave because of your unwashed hair, it can be embarrassing to hear that they can’t proceed until they clean your hair because it’s too oily or stinky.

Based on this explanation, no one should debate the question – should I wash my hair before a haircut? It’s important to wash your hair before visiting the salon in a day or two because it gives the person working on it a pleasant time.

Is It Rude to Get a Haircut with Dirty Hair?

It’s unprofessional to go to your stylist with unwashed hair because the heavy product buildup can cause the hair color to become uneven and unsuitable for the dry haircut style.

Some people go for a haircut appointment with hair they haven’t washed for nearly a week.

It will be acceptable to go to the salon with dirty hair if you’re going for a wet cut because the stylist will take you straight to the washing or shampoo basin.

However, clean your hair a day before applying hair color because it will lead to an even and thorough application.

Washing your dirty hair bogged down with dry shampoo and greasy products before the pre-cut appointment is wonderful.

In fact, if you’re feeling a little grossed out when you touch your hair, the same is what your hairstylist will feel when they touch it. Further, dirty hair affects how your stylist evaluates your hair type and texture.


Is It Rude to Get a Haircut with Dirty Hair

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When You Should Shampoo Before a Haircut

Many people wash their hair before the scheduled haircut because they’re afraid of embarrassing themselves. They don’t want to annoy their stylist by showing up with dirty hair.

The following factors can help you determine whether to shampoo your hair before the appointment or not.

Dry or Wet Cut

Some people prefer a dry cut, while others want it wet. This might be your stylist or your personal preference. In fact, people wash their hair before going to the salon because it’s easy to style a dry on recently washed hair.

Further, you shouldn’t dry shampoo your hair because it forms a thin layer of buildup on the scalp and hair.

Usually, this buildup weighs your hair down, causing it to lay differently than when it’s clean and fresh. For that reason, it’s best to wash your hair 48 hours before the appointment.

On the other hand, some stylists prefer to cut wet hair, so they wash it before cutting it. Therefore, there is no need to shampoo your hair before the scheduled haircut; instead, make it clean, and the stylist will take care of the rest.

Product Buildup

People use various hair products on a daily basis because they make their hair look its best. These include mousse, dry shampoo, leave-ins, serum, wax, gel, hairspray, and much more.

Washing your hair the previous night but applying these sticky or heavy hair products in the morning will cause your hair to look dirty when you go for your appointment.

However, skipping the products will give your stylist a clean slate to work on.

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Oily Hair

Some hair gets oily very fast, so you should shampoo it a day before the scheduled haircut to avoid annoying your stylist for coming with greasy hair. In fact, the oily hair type gets weighted down with grease some hours after washing it.

While the oil doesn’t affect the process of cutting your hair, it changes its appearance, pre-cut consultation, and how your haircut turns out.

For instance, the stylist might misjudge your hair type and texture when you come for an appointment with greasy hair.

It might also be too greasy for a wet cut or repel water. Actually, the stylist might have to shampoo it before cutting your hair.

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Should You Wash Your Hair Before You Color It

Should You Wash Your Hair Before You Color It?

Determining whether to wash your hair when going for a haircut is different from going for a hair-color appointment. It’s best to go to the salon with clean, dry hair to help your stylist properly assess it before applying the color.

Otherwise, going for hair color proceedings with dirty hair makes it hard for the stylist to identify its needs.

Further, in the older days, color products were very hash than the modern ones, so washing hair was unnecessary because the natural oil on the scalp minimized staining and tingling.

Still, the perception that dirty hair absorbs color quickly is outdated. Actually, excessively oily hair doesn’t color well, lift well, and process slowly. So wash your hair 12-24 hours before going for the scheduled hair color application.

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There is no exert answer to the question – Should I wash my hair before a haircut? However, it’s advisable to shampoo it 1-2 days before the scheduled appointment. This helps you to go to the salon with fresh and clean hair.

It will also give the stylist a clean surface to work on and reduce the time you spend in the hair salon in case you want to dry cut or color application. On the other hand, you can ask your hairstylist whether it’s best to wash your hair before going for a haircut or not.