Top 25 Best Protective Hairstyles for White Hair 2022

Women love their hair. They’re constantly searching for a protective hairstyle to stop hair breakage, retain moisture and keep it in place when sleeping, on the move or working. They also want their hair to grow long and healthy.

The article will focus on protective hairstyles for white hair. They include ponytails, pigtails, buns, braids, wigs and much more. Anybody can use them because they’re easy to recreate.

Let’s get started.

List Of The Top 25 Protective Styles for White Hair

1. Low Bun

The low-maintenance protective style is a perfect fit for white hair and can be worn every day. It involves wrapping your hair to form a doughnut-shaped bun and securing it at the nape of your neck with pins.

Low buns are versatile, so you can creatively come up with a simple or classic hairstyle. For instance, you can make it fluffy by randomly pulling some hair and creating loose ties to avoid strain and breakage. Further, you can vary the position of the bun on your head, i.e.

Create a low bun this week and a high bun the next week to avoid undue stress on a single part of your head.

Still, bobby pins can help you secure the bun on your head, but you must change their position regularly to avoid straining the hair. Also don’t secure a big chunk of hair in the bobby pin because it will fall out.


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2. Chignon Bun

Chignon Bun

The elevated bun is created by rolling your hair upwards to create a sleek look and an illusion of added volume. The style is secured with pins, thus ideal for white ladies with thin hair.

Additionally, you can complete your chignon bun with an embroidered headband, create face-framing pieces using a curling iron or secure the bun with an intricate clip.

Protectively styling your chignon bun differently makes it appropriate for your formal work outfits. Still, you can wear it casually when you step out for shopping, meet up with girlfriends and more.


3. High Bun

High Bun

There are several high bun hairstyles for any hair type, including white hair. It’s easy to create a loose high bun and is ideal for casual occasions, unlike a neat high bun that keeps your hair away from the face.

The messy high bun can have strands of hair hanging out or perfectly smooth with all hair tucked into it.

Other high buns include braided high bun with or without sleek tendrils, a bow, sock bun or beehive hairstyle with a hair bun at the top.

These types of buns are quick to make and easily get the hair away from your face, particularly when you’re in a hurry.

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4. Box Braids

Box Braids

Most white people think that box braids are only for black people or those with highly-textured and naturally curly hair types.

However, they are not reserved only for those individuals. Instead, these braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles for white hair.

The three-stand braids have extensions of different sizes, lengths, and colors. You can try to be creative with various types of box braids until you achieve your best fit for you.


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5. Cornrows

Generally, cornrows are protective because they group strands together to make them resistant and stronger to the elements and retain moisture better.

You create intricate style by making cornrows and faux pony to add maximum volume, especially for white people with a low hair volume.

Curly cornrows are layered cornrows that creates an elegant style. You can add highlights of a different color to give the style the right amount of pop.


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6. Marley Twists

The two-strand twist is a protective style that many overlook because they think it’s for black people, but it’s an awesome hairstyle to protect your hair.

You can easily recreate the look because it involves dividing your hair into many sections, twisting two strands, and securing the end with an elastic tie.

Alternatively, you can make cornrows that meet at the middle of your head and twist the tails to make the Marley twists.

This will make your hairstyle look extra cute and retain the waves when you undo the twists.

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Protective Hairstyles for Straight Hair

7. The French Roll/French Twist

The style is simple and can be used for everyday wear or elegant for special occasions. White ladies with very long straight hair love the thick coiffed French roll because it’s quick and easy to make. It’s also perfect for any hair texture, and the roll can be secured using hairpins.

Another advantage with French roll is that it takes care of delicate regions such as your hairline and area above the nape.

Thus you will still look classy with some loose hair around these areas and prevent thinning or hair loss. There are different ways of wearing a French twist.

You can also secure this roll with a statement claw clip or bobby pins and hide them underneath it. Still, chic hair sticks can help you create that unique look effortlessly.


8. Headband Updo

There is no exact way of creating updos because there’re different protective styling options irrespective of the length and hair type. For instance, the halo braid is a popular protective updo that you create by wrapping a section of hair around an elastic headband.

Alternatively, you can create a seamless look by wrapping the entire hair around the band. Still, you can effortlessly wrap part of the hair around the elastic band and form a low bun with the rest of the hair.

The purpose of using an elastic headband is to secure the hair and keep it intact as you go on with your day-to-day activities. So don’t limit yourself but instead be creative and try different hairstyles.

9. Halo Braid

Halo braid is one of the protective hairstyles for white hair. It has a single Dutch braid around the head and the thought that the braid is floating above the angel’s head has earned it the name halo braid or crown braid.

The hairstyle is suitable for a queen, and you can dress up with a gown or formal accessories. You can still wear the halo braid when dressed down with your t-shirt and sweatpants.

Creating a clean halo braid requires a lot of practice because the braid goes around the head. However, the braid can last longer when the Dutch braid is firm.

10. French Milkmaid Braids

The hairstyle is similar to the halo braid. However, milkmaid braids have a neat centre and go around the head.

You can create the protective hairstyle by first dividing the hair into two sections, making two pigtail braids, wrapping them around and crossing them up the head.

Use bobby pins to secure the ends of the two pigtail braids on your head.

You can easily make milkmaid braids when your hair is approximately shoulder length. On the other hand, you can still make the milkmaid braid with slightly shorter hair when it’s damp.


11. Upside Down Braided Bun

Updos are excellent protective summer style; however, they’re not ideal for formal events or weddings. Upside down braided bun is a perfect guest-of solution for those hot outdoor events or ceremonies such as gala, weddings or cocktails.

This elegant style gives a sweet youthful look, but you need two sets of hands to create it. A friend can help you create a French braid from the nape of your neck up to the middle of your head.

Next secure the end of the three stand French braid with an elastic tie and take the front section of your hair and create a large ponytail.

Tease the ponytail lightly, wrap it around, create a textured bun and secure it in place using one or two bobby pins.


12. Side Braid

This is one of the simple protective hairstyles for white hair. The style involves sweeping the hair on the right or left side and creating a three-stand braid such as a Dutch braid,

French braid or twist it at the back of your head. You can add clips, pins or a flower to enhance the look and make it casual.


Protective Hairstyles for Curly Hair

13. The Curly Triple Bun

The triple bun hairstyle works perfectly well with wet hair. The style splits the hair into three smaller sections to help it dry better. It also leaves beautiful waves as the hair dries and smooths the top sections of the wet hair.

The easy go-to hairstyle takes a shorter time compared to creating a single bun. The three buns secure your hair firmly and split the pressure on your scalp. That means the weight of your long hair is equally pinned up, thus no tell-tale bun headache.

The hairstyle also pulls up the hair off your face and shoulders, thus ideal for a formal gown or high neck dress. This is a perfect style for a little girl.


14. Space Buns

Space buns are also known as puffballs, puffs, or pompoms. They are super cute for girls with medium-length natural hair. The hairstyle is ideal for naturally curly hair because it keeps it under control and showcases the gorgeous texture.

Space buns are the quickest hairstyle for natural hair. You only need to simply slick back your hair edges and create two burns, and secure the curls with hair ties or bands. However, you should avoid leaving your puffs up for an extended period because it will hurt your edges.


15. Braided High Ponytail

The style is perfect for curly hair. Braiding the high ponytail prevents it from getting tangled or frizzy. The simple but protective style is ideal for hanging out with friends, relaxing at home or exercising.

You can easily create a high ponytail by pushing the hair to the top of your head, securing it with an elastic tie and braiding the hair strands.

Next, wrap them around the base of your ponytail to cover the band. You can also use a clear elastic at the end of the braid to prevent it from unraveling.


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16. Bubble Ponytail/Braids

Instead of creating a regular or braided ponytail, you can add bubble-like sections on the ponytail. This look is ideal for both low and high pigtails.

You can use elastic ties to create the bubbles by simply gently pulling the hair and putting elastics in each section. The hairstyle is the best fight for long wavy hair because you can create several puffy bubbles.


Protective Hairstyles for White Curly Hair

17. Double low buns

The style has two buns on top of the nape of your neck made by diving your hair into equal portions. Double low buns are great for wavy or curly white hair, although they can also work with straight hair.

Braiding the hair first and then wrapping it around the base of each portion can help add dimension and texture.

The two low buns allow you to pull back your hair and secure the ends for up to two days. You can add some bobby pins to make it look cute.


18. Dutch Braid into a High Bun

This is one of the protective hairstyles for white hair that breaks the monotony of pulling all your hair back. The small Dutch braids are temporary addition to the high buns.

They’re an excellent option for taking away all the fine hair from the face, especially the curly hair strands that can’t be pulled back.

You can secure together the Dutch braids using an elastic tie and form a high bun. The style will make you look beautiful on any occasion, such as a concert in the fall, a casual summer day, and semi-casual events.


Protective Hairstyles for White People

19. Wigs

Wigs are a short-term protective style that safely tucks the hair away from the harsh weather. They save your hair not only from the environment but from heat styling appliances as well as hide your hair loss problems thus give your confidence.

Wigs are natural-looking hair loss solution that mimics your own hair. Further, they’re a perfect non-committal solution that supports you before making a permanent change to your hair.

Today’s wigs don’t look fake because there are designed to look healthy and natural, just like your natural hair. It’s not hard to maintain your wigs because you can blow out and style them at home.

However, you should take care of your hair even when wearing a wig because it can come off. Further, you should choose breathable wig caps in order to protect your fine hair underneath and the scalp.


20. Pigtail Braids

There are several braided pigtails hairstyles for young girls. The style has come back with a chic adult vibe that you can rock anytime.

Short pigtail braids comprise short braids with long tails, which gives you a grown-up look and a mature feel. Iggy Azalea braids is eye-catching pigtails inspired by Iggy Azalea look. The French braids are ideal for long hair.

Ribbon or colorful pigtail braids are created by wrapping a ribbon through your braids to add a spark to your outfit.

Alternatively, you can use a specially colored braid to create a colorful pigtail braid. These colorful protective hairstyles for white hair are also worn by young girls who want to show their team spirit.

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21. Crimped Bubble Braid

There are many ways of creating crimped hair without heat. The crimped bubble braid is one of them that starts with a French braid and devolves into a bubble braid.

The loose braid has sections wrapped to form poofs. The hairstyle is a perfect choice for girls with long hair because it allows them to be creative.

22. Dutch Braids

A single Dutch braid that starts at the top of your head can create a sophisticated look for outdoor activities. You can create various Dutch braids based on the thickness of your hair.

A single Dutch braid can be worn to school, work or semi-formal events. Alternatively, you can create double Dutch pigtails by dividing your hair into two sections and creating two Dutch braids on each side of your head.

You can allow the hair to hang freely when you reach the nape of your neck or add a scrunchie.

Protective Styles for White Curly Hair

23. French Braids

A stylish French braid gives this hairstyle a special touch. However, it’s a gorgeous new hairstyle for curly hair. Actually, curly hair needs a lot of moisture, and a French braid looks better and lasts longer on such hair with hydrated strands.

Also, naturally wavy hair looks elegant with a loose French side braid because of its relaxed curls. However, you can opt for tight braids on straight hair in order to create more uniform waves.

A single French braid is a bit loose, but the style frames your face for day to day look. On the other hand, double French braids are a great protective style for a casual, athletic look. The style can work on both shoulder-length hair and long hair.

24. French Rope-Twist Braid

These braids are twists created by two sections of hair in order to put it away from the face. This hairstyle is suitable for formal and casual outfits.

Using rope twist braids on freshly curled hair can spice up the updo hairstyle look. Simply twist a rope braid on one side of your head and wrap it around.

Pull the braid to a crown at the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins. The crown will look elegant with unbraided curly hair at the tail of the braid.

25. French Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a perfect hairstyle for different hair types. However, a curly French fishtail braid gives you a softer romantic vibe compared to an everyday look when done on straight hair.

Further, the French braid style looks great when it’s a single braid running down the back of the head. You can also add an extension if your own hair is short.

Further, you can finish braided pigtails with a fishtail to give them a more beautiful effect. Also, your hair will have a wavy look when you undo the fishtail braid.


What Protective Styles Make Your Hair Grow?

The featured protective hairstyles for white hair are not only popular and versatile, but women with different hair types and lengths can wear them.

These styles don’t damage your hair; instead, they tuck the ends from the elements, thus allowing it to grow slowly.

You can retain the moisture of your hair and prevent breakage by experimenting with these protective styles, and this will grow your own hair in the long run.

Does Straight Hair Need Protective Styles?

Straight hair needs protective styles the same way curly hair does. These hairstyles protect your hair against damages from cold or hot temperatures, breakage, and excessive manipulation.

In fact, these hairstyles are necessary because they keep the hair away from your face, which makes it easy to go on with your activities. Protective styles enable you to look flawless when attending an event.

Does Wearing Protective Styles Grow Your Hair?

The sole reason for you to wear protective hairstyles is to safeguard the ends of your hair by tucking them away from tugging, pulling and manipulation.

Such styles can also encourage hair growth and are the key to healthy hair because they prevent hair loss or breakages.

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How Long Do Dutch Braids Last in Caucasian Hair?

Whether your preferred hairstyle will last longer or not is determined by the type of your hair. Dutch braids don’t last long on Caucasian hair. In fact, they may last as low as a few days or up to 3 weeks.

However, the last can last longer on black people because of the texture of their hair.