How to Hang Full Length Mirror Safely 2022 Updated

How to Hang Full Length Mirrors Safely

Mirrors are the perfect blend of function and style. While they are important for making the finishing touches on your look, they also serve as a decorative item. But do you know how to hang full-length mirrors safely?

In this post, you’ll learn how to hang full-length mirrors on a wall. While it might seem similar, how to hang full-length mirrors on the door is different, and you’ll also find out how.

Whether this is your first time trying to hang a full-length mirror or not, keep reading to get the full details.

How to Hang a Full-Length Mirror Safely: Tools You Need

Mounting your brand-new full-length mirror is not entirely simple and can be dangerous if done wrongly. There’s more to it than just fastening any hook on the wall. You need to plan, measure, and use the right tools.

Here are five tools you need on how to hang full-length mirrors safely:

  • Electric drill
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Rubber or plastic bumpers
  • Screwdrivers

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How to Hang Full Length Mirror

How to Hang Full-Length Mirrors on the Wall

That being said, if you don’t know how to hang full-length mirrors on the wall, follow this:

  • Understand Your Kind of Wall

The first thing is to know the type of wall you want to hang your stylish mirror on. Some of the perfect walls types to hang a mirror on are drywall, plaster, and masonry.

Also, if your mirror is huge and heavy, you have to be certain you’re hanging it on a masonry wall. Also, the type of wall should determine the type of screws and anchors you will use.

  • Determine the Weight of Your Mirror

The next thing is to find out the weight of your mirror. This is essential because of the size of hooks you need to purchase.

However, if you want to use hanging hooks, know that they all have weight limits they can hold. And if you give them more than they can carry, you run the risk of breaking your mirror. Your wall will likely get damaged as well.

With any standard scale, you can get the exact weight of your mirror. This is a vital step on how to hang full-length mirrors on the wall.

  • Find the Best Spot

After determining the exact weight of the mirror, you have to find the best spot to hang. The first step is to ensure that there’s enough space in the area you prefer.

Next, you need to consider the mirror’s likely position depending on other items on the wall and in the room.

Next, place the mirror on the spot you’re looking to hang it or use a paper of the same size. Determine how much space it will take up on the wall. To get this right, use a pencil to that exact area.

Also, you can as well use a level to make sure the mirror hangs straight. Nevertheless, keep in mind that some spaces are more challenging than others.

If you don’t know how to hang full-length mirrors safely, pick locations like the end of the hallway, behind the sofa, the staircase, etc.

  • Measure the Spot for the Hangers by Sticking Some Bumpers

You have to measure where the hangers are going into. Generally, full-length mirrors come with D-rings or a wire at the back. These wires or rings allow you to hang your mirror with no hassle.

Next, you need to measure the area where the hanger would be placed and not the screw. Full-length mirrors come with D-rings. All you have to do is fasten the D-rings against the mirror.

The target is to measure the space between the fasteners. You also need to know their distance from the mirror’s top portion. When you’re done with the measurements, put the fasteners using your markings guiding you.

  • Hang It Your Mirror

To set the mirror for mounting, drill the hangers into your wall. Keep in mind to place the bumpers at the back of the mirror.

Bumpers are small plastic or rubber spots. They keep your mirror from tilting, which is why they are crucial on how to hang full-length mirrors safely.

Nonetheless, they also keep the mirror from scratching your wall and leaving ugly marks.

Now place the rings of wires with your hook.

This is how to hang full-length mirrors on the wall.

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How to Hang Full-Length Mirrors on the Door

Just like mounting a full-length mirror on your wall, hanging it on your day is slightly similar. Since the door is usually in motion,

you need to be more careful when hanging a mirror on it. Here’s how to hang full-length mirrors on the door:

  • Step 1

Measure your mirror using a level. You can draw a line near the top of the door to represent the top of the mirror.

Do the same for the bottom. Also, measure each side of the door and draw the mirror side as well. Alternatively,

you can hoist the mirror against the door and use the level to measure the plumb. This is the first step on how to hang full-length mirrors on the door.

  • Step 2

Scuff the surface of the door with the outline of the mirror you made. You can use less abrasive sandpaper to avoid going outside the outlined area.

This cleanses the dirt and oil from that area for better bonding against the wall.

  • Step 3

Wipe down that sandpapered area. If you’re looking to use mastic and mirror clips, you don’t want any moisture, so the mirror doesn’t fall off. This is a crucial step on how to hang full-length mirrors safely.

  • Step 4

Drill clean holes into your door and insert anchors used for doors. Also, you must have measured and marked the area you want to drill before drilling. Before securing a screw, push your choice of door anchors into the hole, then tap gently with a hammer.

  • Step 5

Spread the mirror mastic across the hanging area. While doing this, stop at least an inch from the edge of the outlined area.

This will prevent the mastic from coming out the edges after you must have hung your mirror.

  • Step 6

Hoist your mirror into position by sliding it into the clip holds at the bottom. Mount the top clips and tighten the bottom clips more.

After this, do not use the door for a few hours (if you used mastic); be certain it is dry.

That is how to hang full-length mirrors safely!

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