How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror 2022 Updated

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

A new mirror changes the entire look of a bathroom, making it stylish as well as more functional. That’s because a mirror is an essential part of the bath – where you brush your teeth, wash your face,

check your makeup and do your hair. That is why it is crucial to know how to hang a bathroom mirror perfectly.

If you’ve never done a bathroom mirror installation, you don’t have to worry – it’s pretty easy!

In this article, you’ll get the right tips on how to install a bathroom mirror.

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

Tips on How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

If you just got a new mirror for your bathroom – framed or frameless – here’s what to keep in mind:

1. You Have to Know the Kind of Wall

Before getting tools for your bathroom mirror installation, find out that type of wall you have. The type of wall you want to hang on determines the method and tools you can use. Is it masonry, plaster or drywall?

If you can’t tell, push a tiny tack into your wall. The tack will go in easily if it’s drywall. Similarly, pick a spot for your bathroom mirror installation – over a stud is better, but not necessary with anchors.

Pay close attention to where utilities can be attached, then mark the center of the stud.

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2. Know the Weight of Your Mirror

Before proceeding to how to hang a bathroom mirror, you have to determine the weight of your mirror. This will help you know the right hardware for your bathroom mirror installation.

If your mirror’s weight is provided from the vendor, weight it on any standard bathroom scale.

3. Heavy Mirrors Need Special Care

Bathroom mirror installation is similar to hanging a big piece of art or a large picture frame. If it’s a huge,

Heavy piece of glass, it requires wires or brackets for support against the wall. But if it’s frameless, it needs adhesive or special clips to remain in place.

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror with Hooks: Framed

If you’re looking to use hooks for your bathroom mirror installation, there’s a way to go about it. And it is something you can totally do yourself. Here’s a guide on how to install a bathroom mirror:

1. Mark Your Spot

Hoist your mirror where you’d like it to go, then use a painter’s tape or pencil to mark the area. However, if your mirror is too large and heavy, hoisting it for marking might be risky.

Alternatively, you can cut out a paper the same size of your mirror, and use it for marking your spot.

2. Check Behind Your Mirror

Check if the back of your mirror already has a wire or rings for mounting. This will tell you where you can attach your hooks.

3. Mark and Measure Your Mirror

Place a tape on a level and mark it with the space between the mirror’s ring. Then, measure from the rings or the wire to the top of your mirror.

4. Mark the Wall

Lift the mirror into position for hanging and mark the area, or use a paper the size as the mirror.

5. Level Hook Mounting Holes

If your mirror has hooks or rings, ensure your marks are level on the wall before you mount the mirror.

6. Mount Hardware

If you want to mount on a stud, secure a hardware at the same place. But if you want to mount elsewhere, secure the wall anchor using the hardware.

7. Hang the Mirror

For your bathroom mirror installation, if you’re bothered about scratching your wall, add bumpers to the mirror’s bottom.

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror: Frameless

Foe several homeowners, mounting a frameless mirror seems more challenging than mounting a framed one. To prevent your framed mirror from falling, follow these steps:

1. Mark Your Spot

Like installing a framed mirror, hoist the mirror to mark where you want it to be hung. You can use a pencil to draw an outline of all its edges.

2. Mark Both Top and Bottom Edges

Set your mirror someplace safe and process to mark the edges. Mark a third from the right and left on the top and bottom of where the mirror will hang.

3. Install Bottom Breaks

Install mounting brackets at the both bottom places where you’ve just marked and screw them into the wall. If your bathroom mirror installation is on a stud,

you can screw the brackets directly into the wood. However, if you’re installing elsewhere, you’ll need a drywall anchor.

4. Slide in the Mirror

After installing the brackets, slide the mirror into them

5. Install Bottom Brackets

Finally, screw in the brackets at the top of the mirror.

Can I Use Wire for My Bathroom Mirror Installation?

Yes, you can use this technique if you want to hang your mirror on a stud. That is because the entire weight of the mirror will be carried by one hook.

However, to mount your mirror using a wire, you need to connect to hangers using a sturdy wire. Mount a single hook at the center of your vanity area and hang the mirror!

Where Should You Place a Mirror in Your Bathroom?

Most homeowners mount their mirrors above the sink or vanity. That is typically the most convenient area if you’re confused on where and how to hang a bathroom mirror.

Nonetheless, some bathrooms might not accommodate a mirror placed over the vanity. In that case, you can mount your mirror on a shelve or elsewhere against the wall.

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror on Tiles?

You can hang your mirror to the tile via any of the following approaches:

  • You can use hooks that are held in place with screws. You will have to get diamond-tip bits or carbide to drill the tile.
  • Mounting tape
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive hooks

Final Thoughts on How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

Regardless of the size of your bathroom mirror, its addition will be an enjoyable asset to your bathroom. Follow the steps in this article, and you wouldn’t have to ask “how to hang a bathroom mirror?” again!

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