How to Clean Mirror Without Vinegar 2022 Updated

How to Clean a Mirror?

If smudges, streaks, and water sports are all you see when you look at your mirror, then it is past due for you to clean it. A dirty mirror will make your clean bathroom look dirty, which is why it is essential to know how to clean a mirror properly.

In this article, we’ll show you how to clean mirror without vinegar. With a quick and easy wipe with a cloth and glass cleaner,

You can clean your mirror, but what if you don’t have to spend on glass cleaners? What if there’s a way on how to clean mirror with toothpaste? Let’s see!

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How to Clean Mirror Without Vinegar

Here are other approaches on how to clean your mirror:

  1. Disinfecting Wipes

This is a very easy option for cleaning your mirror that doesn’t require a glass cleaner. Clorox is a product that recommends using their wipes for this purpose. With one try, you’ll see an amazing result.

  1. Water

Water remains the cheapest way on how to clean a mirror. Although glass cleaners are more effective than water in removing grime, you can get by with only water and elbow grease if you can maintain frequent cleaning.

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  1. Baby Wipes

Another simple substitute for vinegar and glass cleaner is baby wipes. There are tons of uses that come up for baby wipes all the time. You can use baby wipes to clean your mirror clean. They are less toxic and can be very effective in removing long-term stains.

  1. Liquid Dish Soap

This is another effective alternative to glass cleaner. With a few drops of your liquid dishwasher and water, you can finally wipe that filthy mirror squeaky clean.

It is less costly than a glass cleaner and is pretty effective. However, ensure to use a microfiber material that won’t leave a hint or mark behind.

How to Clean Mirror with Toothpaste?

Take a bit of toothpaste and add it to a damp cloth to wipe your mirror clean. It doesn’t have to be too much; just a little will do.

Work in little circles and allow the toothpaste to dry properly, then buff the mirror with a dry cloth.

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