8 Best Chi blow dryers Reviews & Chi Hair Dryer Review & Buying guide

Your blow dryer should be one to make your hair styling easy and fun. It is essential to get a blow dryer with a versatile design to ensure you get professional home solon styling.

Chi blow dryers usually are powerful and lightweight. They are designed with light carbon and are more compact.

Usually, they have a more comfortable concave handle to ensure comfortability when styling your hair. They are meant to give you pure hairstyles.

So, why not get a chi blow dryer with top-notch performance and durability? The following Chi blow dryers’ reviews will guide you when purchasing one.

What to consider when buying chi blow dryers?

If you are so concerned about your hair, a hair dryer is one of the essential hair tools in your drawer. It is something worth researching before purchasing. Below are some of the things to consider when buying one:


This is the first feature you need to check. Higher watts mean high power and more airflow. This will make your styling easy and faster.

Heating element

Hair dryers usually come in two kinds: ceramic heat and metal elements. The ceramic hair dryers typically have an even heat distribution to your hair.

This means you dry your hair more evenly and do not worry about any damage to your hair.

Negative ions

Negative ions in your blow dryer ensure that the air blowing in your head is negatively charged.

This makes them react with the positively charged ions in your hair, drying your hair faster and smoothing your hair cuticles. It also reduces frizz and ensures natural shine on your hair.


Most blow dryers have two-speed settings. However, if you want to get a professional blow dryer, it is essential to get a three-speed set, high, medium, and low.

Cool shot button

The button is essential for changing the air in your blow dryer to cold air. It helps cool your hair after blow-drying and sealing off your hair cuticles in place.

The above guide will help you get the best chi blow dryer for a professional home salon experience.

List of The Best Chi blow dryer

Achieving a professional solon quality hairstyle while using a Chi dryer. Everyone wants the right hair dryer to get the job done efficiently and faster.

Also, comfort while styling your curly hair is essential. Check these chi blow dryers reviews out!

1. Chi Farouk Lava Dryer

The hair dryer is a lava ceramic. It emits negative ions, which helps reduce the frizz on your hair and lock in the shine. It is the best hair dryer to give gentle and consistent heating while styling your hair.

It is made with the best combination of ceramic and volcanic lava to help control the temperature and provide minor heat damage to your hair.

It also has a button press for cold air to help set your hairstyle. The concentrator nozzle is smaller and concentrated for precise airflow.


  • Even distribution of heat
  • Long cord for comfort
  • Cool temperature setting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-life DC motor
  • Three locking attachments


  • Quite pricy

This is certainly fantastic if you are looking for an effective chi hair dryer. It leaves your hair smooth-looking and shiny. Don’t be left out!

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2. CHI Tourmaline Ceramic 3-piece Travel Set, Black

It is a ceramic plated hair dryer with a scratch-resistant surface. The ceramic heater results in less frizz and more shine in your hair. The chi dryer also has superior heat transfer and mini tools,

Which are small enough for on the go while also powerful enough to smooth and tame frizz like any full-size tool. They are ae also great for your traveling needs.

The negative ions produced helps seal the hair cuticles and lock in the moisture in your hair for healthy, shiny fine hair.


  • Powerful dual voltage
  • Ceramic technology for less frizz
  • Even heat distribution, to minimize heat styling damage
  • Optimum performance
  • Repels humidity


  • One temperature setting
  • Quite pricey

For all your traveling needs, the set is ideal. It is also best for different hair types, such as short, medium hair, and does the job excellently. Highly recommend!

3. CHI 1400 Series, Foldable Compact Hair Dryer.

It is a compact, lightweight hair dryer design with a 1400 DC motor. It is the best tool for your hair you could have in your drawer.

It has two-speed temperature settings with a cool shot button for a long-lasting professional salon design.

The hair dryer also has a removable filter cap for proper maintenance and a hanging ring for convenient storage. It is also perfect for travel, as it has dual voltage.


  • Hanging ring
  • Dual voltage
  • Cool shot button
  • Two-speed setting
  • Long cord for comfort
  • Removable filter cap


  • Ideal for curly hair

When buying the best chi hair dryers, you want one with excellent performance to give you professional salon treatment. The hair dryer gives you comfort while styling your hair. Is this not what everyone wants?

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Chi hair dryer review

Chi hairdryers are the best blow dryers in the market. They are not only lightweight and quiet but also dry your hair faster while reducing frizz and flyaway.

For anyone who wants to get salon-quality styles at the comfort of their home, a chi hair dryer is the best one to get. They offer handheld convenience with no extra equipment or tools.

Their powerful technology cuts down on your hair drying time while ensuring no heat damage to your hair.

They are also perfect for different hair types, including curly hair, fine hair, textured hair, or frizzy hair.

You are also guaranteed healthy, shiny, and gorgeous smooth hair in your comfort. Check these chi blow dryers’ reviews out if you are not sure what blow dryer to get!

4. Chi Titanium Digital Hair Dryer

Chi Titanium digital hair dryer is designed with a powerful 1875 watts motor. It is also a Titanium coated grill and ion generator, which provides salon-quality hair shine.

The design is made to have powerful airflow and ionic technology for faster hair drying and creating smooth and frizz-free hair in less time.

It also has digital display settings, which make the styling simpler. Besides, the preset speeds and heat settings make it easier to use.


  • Powerful motor
  • Even distribution of heat in your hair
  • Fast drying
  • Guaranteed salon-quality hair
  • Digital display


  • Pricy, but worth your investment

You shouldn’t have to with frizzy, untamed, and tangled hair anymore. With the digital display setting, styling your fstruggle abulous curls becomes easy.

It is also made with durable material hence outstanding performance for long-term use.

5. CHI Candy Coated Travel Kit

The kit comes with a 1400 watts travel hairdryer. Also, it has a 2oz Chi infra shampoo, conditioner, infra treatment, and 2oz Chi silk infusion.

It is one pound in weight, perfect for travel arrangements. The compact is also foldable and small. If you plan to travel and need to take care of yourself while on vacation, this is the best deal for your hair tools travel.

It comes with everything you need to dry, style your hair, and enjoy your holiday in style. The device is also duo voltage; hence can be used anywhere.


  • Dual voltage
  • Small for convenient storage during travel
  • Has both conditioners, infra shampoo
  • Chi silk infusion
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable


  • Pricy but worth your penny

While traveling can be hectic due to the workload of hair maintenance, Chi Candy Coated Travel Kit makes your work easy.

It occupies less storage space in your travel bag, has everything you would need for your hairstyle, hence convenient. I would recommend it.

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Chi hairdryer

Whether you are on the market to get a new hair dryer or upgrade your current hair dryer, Chi dryers are the best to go for.

Chi hair dryers come in various designs and with different accompaniments. Most chi dryers’ designs are professional and give you salon-quality results on your wavy or straight hair.

Besides, the heating element in most of them is tourmaline ceramic elements, maintaining consistent heat. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about damaging heat on your hair.

The hairdryers are robust, have excellent performance, and make your styling faster and easier than other dryers.

If you are not sure what to get, check these chi blow dryers reviews out!

6. CHI Dura CHI Hand Shot Hair Dryer with direction Nozzle and Diffuser

It is a handle-free design that promotes a more balanced and efficient drying

angle. While styling your hair, your wrist can sit in a more comfortable position. It has a touch-sensitive screen for easy temperature control and speed with a single touch. The ceramic heater has 1875 watts and maintains consistent heating with ceramic technology.

The unique body style eliminates the traditional hair dryer handle, allowing stylists to manipulate the hair dryer easily and have a wide range of styling positions.


  • Hands-free drying stand
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Handle-free design
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple speed and heat settings


  • Quite pricey

This hair dryer eliminates frizz and makes drying and styling your hair so easy. The handle-free hair dryer design makes the real difference and ensures you style your curly hair faster and efficiently without hurting your wrist. Grab yours now!

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7.CHI Rocket Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer

The model is among the good hair dryers and utilizes the latest innovative far infrared technology, combining tourmaline ceramic. It produces heat evenly, hence no damages to your hair.

Besides, the far-infrared technology reduces static electricity for that perfect frizz-free hairstyle. The hair is left silky, shiny, and smooth. It is also ideal for different hair types and all your hairstyle needs.


  • Swivel cord
  • Fast heat up
  • Creates shiny and silky fine hair instantly
  • less static electricity, and heat damage
  • ideal for different hair types


  • not a retractable cord

If you have long, thick hair, this is ideal for you. It is fast in heating and dries the hair very fast. It is also best to give you silky, healthy, and shiny hair.

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8. CHI Rocket Hairdryer

It is a ceramic-made hair dryer, ideal for oily, dryer, and standard hair types. It has a unique feature that promotes moisture, shine, and smoothness in your thick hair.

It is also faster and speeds up the drying process, so you don’t have to worry about spending the whole day drying your thick hair.

The hair dryer produces positive ionic energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft for healthy fine hair.

Besides, the negative ions produced react with the positive ions in your hair for faster drying. Also, they reduce fizziness and static electricity and leave your long hair healthy, smooth, and shiny.

The far infrared technology indicator light on the hair dryer lets you know when to produce infrared and ionic heat. The design also has the lowest output of EMF. On purchase, you are given a two-year warranty.


  • Powerful hairdryer with an 1800-watt motor
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces frizz and static electricity
  • Cool shot button
  • Quiet dryer
  • Promotes moisture on your hair
  • Includes a comb attachment and the drying nozzle


  • Quite expensive

The hairdryer is a lifesaver for curly, untamed, and wavy long hair. It ensures you don’t struggle while drying and styling your hair since it uses less time and gives you more volume. It is an excellent investment for your hair.

Who makes CHI hair dryers?

Farouk Systems, in the USA. They manufacture and export professional hair dryers, hair-care products, including CHI and Biosilk brands.

Why Is CHI A Top Brand in The Hair Dryer Industry?

It is a top brand and the best in the market because they are lightweight, quiet, and does professional hair drying faster. Compared to other hair dryers, they are also best in reducing frizz and flyaway.

Tips For Buying A CHI Hair Dryer (buying guide)

When buying a CHI hair dryer, it is essential to consider the following features:

  • power
  • heating element
  • negative ions
  • multiple speed and temperature settings
  • cool shot button
  • power cord
  • removable filter cap


In conclusion, getting your hair dryer should not be a hassle anymore. The above-described hair dryers in the chi blow dryers’ reviews are ideal for your hairstyle.

Besides, when buying your hairdryer, take note of the features to consider to ensure you get the best chi hairdryer for excellent performance.

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