Top 14 Best Mirror for Bathroom 2022

While a mirror is an essential component of several rooms, it is more needed in the bathroom. And the type of bathroom mirror you go for brings a unique effect on the entire feel of your bathroom.

There are thousands of bathroom mirror styles you can choose from, which is pretty overwhelming. So, we’ve taken the burden of comparing and came up with the best mirror for bathroom.

What is the best mirror for bathroom?

There are tons of factors to keep in mind when picking your bathroom mirror. So, at the end of this article, we’ll show you how to choose the best mirror for bathroom.

List of the 14 Best Mirror for Bathroom

Here are the top bathroom mirror ideas that come with both functionality and style:

1. Keonjinn 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror.

This mirror has a dimmable LED that is controlled via a round touch button. The light is also dimmable with that same control button. All you have to do is touch the button for about three seconds to adjust the light intensity.

This is unarguably one of the best mirror for bathroom with the fantastic design it comes with.

The anti-fog switch and power switch are separate control. And when the power is turned on, the last used state is returned.

The mirror can last for more than 50,000 hours. It is also built copper-free and environmental-friendly. Just like most of the best mirror for bathroom, it is waterproof.


2. WEIU 24 x 32 Wall Mounted Bathroom LED Mirror

Best Mirror for Bathroom

The mirror is built with a backlight LED lighting design, preventing the eye from direct light damage. The light is comfortable and soft! It also has an anti-fog feature, which instantly removes fog attached to the mirror surface.

That means, after bathing, the mirror maintains clarity even if it’s open. As one of the best mirror for bathroom,

You don’t have to worry about fog when brushing, shaving, washing, and to make up.

The mirror design makes it one of the best bathroom mirror ideas, and it is waterproof and anti-corrosive. The IP68 waterproof layer is made of aluminum-plastic plate technology. That means it isn’t going to rust anytime soon.

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3. ANTEN 36 x 24 Inch Backlit Bathroom LED Mirror

best bathroom mirror

This beautiful piece is built from 5mm HD copper-free silver. It has no UV, no flicker, and is completely environmentally friendly. It is one of the modern bathroom mirror ideas that give your bathroom a luxurious touch.

It can last for more than 5,000 hours and help you with your makeup and lighting decoration.

Also, the mirror comes with a touch sensor to allow you to adjust the light. You can switch from 3000k to 6000k natural/warm white/daylight freely.

Furthermore, this bathroom mirror is built with an anti-fog function to ensure your image is always clear. It is also IP44 waterproof rated.

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4. Keonjinn 24 x 36 Inch LED Backlit Mirror Bathroom.

Backlit Mirror Bathroom

This mirror’s LED backlight is dimmable and controlled through a power switch. One-touch on the sensory button for up to three seconds will switch the light intensity between brightness and normal.

Also, the backlight has a memory function, which means the next time you turn on your mirror, the brightness remains how it was before it went off.

However, it is best to use the wall switch to control the LED light to save energy.

Like most of the best mirror for bathroom, it can last for over 50,000 hours. It is copper-free and has an IP54 waterproof rating.


5. 24” x 32” Copper-Free LED Bathroom Mirror

Free LED Bathroom Mirror

This mirror is very classy and remains one of the most admired bathroom mirror ideas. It is frameless, super slim, and completely copper-free. It also has beautiful lighting around its perimeter that creates a luxurious and elegant feel.

This mirror is very versatile. It can also be mounted in your bedroom, living room, or any other room. The LED light is dimmable, and with a long press on the touch button, you can adjust the intensity.

What’s more? It is anti-scratch and more durable compared to some of the best mirror for bathroom.


6. ANDY STAR Oval Modern Bathroom Mirror

Modern Bathroom Mirror

The ANDY STAR Oval mirror is built with premium materials that you can’t find in traditional bathroom mirror ideas. The mirror is sturdy and designed with a stainless-steel frame. This is an HD mirror that allows no distortion, including bathroom fog.

It is made with a 9mm thick anti-corrosion TSCA certified background to strengthen the glass for more safety. The frame has a simple design and is shockproof.

Also, the metal frame protects the mirror and gives a simple, classy, and elegant touch to your bathroom.

Like that’s not enough, the premium MDF backing and silver glass prevent corrosion in extremely humid environments. This is one of the best mirror for bathroom, and you shouldn’t hesitate to get one for yourself!


7. Moen DN2692CH Glenshire 26 x 22 Inch Frameless Pivoting Mirror

Featuring an elegant and simple design, the Moen Oval Tilting mirror provides you with a modern-looking bathroom.

Aside from the mirror’s beautifully brushed nickel finishes, the mirror allows you to tilt it to any position you like.

The mirror is available in a brushed nickel or chrome finish. The chrome finish comes with a reflective quality,

While the brushed nickel finish resists water spots and fingerprints. Nevertheless, both finishes provide long-lasting performance and style.

All mounting hardware, as well as a guideline for installation, are included in the package. The mirror is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty! Isn’t that amazing?


8. Black Round Wall Mirror – 24 Inch Large

Round Wall Mirror

This mirror is one of the largest bathroom mirror ideas on this list, and it is also ideal for an entryway. It is designed with a classy thin black circle that can match any room’s décor perfectly.

An exceptional feature that makes this mirror one of the best mirror for bathroom is that it is handcrafted.

When you behold this mirror, you’ll notice how much attention was paid to details in its design. It is stable and built with high-quality materials.

This aesthetic beauty is silver-backed, displaying a fabulous reflection all the time. It comes with a keyhole back hanger put in place for safe mounting.


9. Umbra Hub Oval Black Bathroom Mirror – 24 x 36 Inch

Black Bathroom Mirror

The Umbra Hub is one of the perfect bathroom mirror ideas for trafficked areas like washrooms and entryways.

Also, its rubber rim makes it sturdier and more durable than your average mirror. It also brings an industrialized and modernized look to any space it is mounted on.

More so, Hub always looks great in a home. The expressive trim and shape help when anchoring it into space. Mounting this beautiful piece in a room housing other traditional design elements will create a contemporary space and décor.

10. Hamilton Hills Contemporary Bathroom Mirror – 16 x 24

Contemporary Bathroom Mirror

The mirror is safely custom inlaid and well protected by the surrounding frame. The mirror is built to make it recess into its deep frame while floated from the edges.

It’s packed with wall screws and hardware and reinforced D-ring hanging clips to allow you to hang it vertically and horizontally.

With this contemporary mirror, you can add a simple yet sophisticated look to any room. It is a beautiful gold-toned metal framed mirror, and it is one of the best mirror for bathroom.

The mirror adds various design elements and styles, presenting a contemporary finishing touch.

11. ANDY STAR 22 x 30 Silver Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

This is not the regular rectangular mirror. It is stylish, sturdy, and the perfect addition to various design elements and styles, presenting a glossy look.

The 4mm glass floats in the frame with a thin 1/12″ gap. Also, the rounded corners provide softness to its design.

Additionally, the mirror is built to resist humidity and can remain excellently glossy over a long time. The silver-backed can as well prevent distortion and warping.

12. TEHOME 27 x 35 Inch Black Pivot Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

This rectangular tilt beauty is one of the best mirror for bathroom for several reasons. It is a wonderful choice since it has adjustable wall brackets. And each bracket is top-notch quality zinc alloy material, which is highly safe and durable.

The frame design helps prevent slipping and loosening not found in some regular cheap brands. This is a bestselling vintage bathroom mirror,

and it is one of the best bathroom mirror ideas in the market. You can always tilt it to adjust the viewing angle as you prefer.

13. TEHOME Black Metal Framed Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

TEHOME Black Metal Framed Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

This mirror is another incredible product from TEHOME. It is designed with adjustable wall brackets, with each bracket containing top-quality zinc alloy. As one of the best mirror for bathroom, it is made with a thick-plated beveled mirror.

Additionally, it is framed in metal for sturdiness and durability. You can tilt it up and down to adjust the view for seated or standing used. It comes with instructions and mounting hardware.

14. DOHEEM 22 x 30 Black Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror

Best Framed Bathroom Mirror

The DOHEEM 22 x 30 mirror is made of solid aluminum and 4mm to provide clear reflection at all times.

Also, it comes with a 9mm thick TSCA certified anti-corrosion backboard for support and strength.

The mirror is made with eco-friendly materials while offering one of the best bathroom mirrors to customers.

It also comes with four D-ring hooks, which make it easier to install vertically and horizontally.

It is fully protected packed with polyfoam, a PE bag, and a thick box to ensure that mirror gets to you in one piece.

Why You Need a Mirror for Bathroom

A mirror is more than a functional piece of furniture added to your bathroom; it also brings a different feel. You could walk into your bathroom feeling down and waltz out feeling fly – a good mirror can do that.

Nonetheless, here are more reasons why you need one of the best mirror for bathroom:

  • More light: Place your mirror close to a light source and be awed by the beautiful reflection it’ll create in your bathroom.
  • An incredible wow factor: A large mirror placed above your vanity can create a grand effect and an optical illusion
  • More visual drama: Expanded mirrors maximize your bathroom’s sense of space and give the room a different look.

How to Choose a Best Mirror for Bathroom

It is not enough to know the best mirror for bathroom; you have to know how to choose. Here are a few factors to consider when you want to get a bathroom mirror:

  • Size: You have to decide if you want an oval or rectangular mirror. Although they are various shapes to select from, these are the two most common. They are also the two types of sizes you’ll find in this review.
  • Frame: If you want to go for a larger mirror, the frame might not be a necessary factor. However, if your choice of a mirror is small, the frame becomes important. The frame will also make your mirror look custom, and it can match your bathroom décor.
  • Color: If you’re going for a framed mirror, be sure that the frame color looks great in your bathroom décor. Although a lot of people match their mirror to the color of their décor, you can try something unique. You can choose a color that contrasts and see what beauty can come from it.
  • Overall design: Go for a mirror that presents a little character if you want to make a statement with your bathroom. For some bathroom décor, a simple design is best, but if your design permits, a unique mirror will truly amaze your guests.