Top 10 Best Curling Iron that Won’t Damage Hair 2022

It is more demanding to find a suitable curling iron than to find your favorite lipstick. Looking for the best curling iron that won’t damage hair is far more challenging yet.

It’s a catch for many people: It’s the simplest method to have salon-quality hair, but too much heat might break it down over time.

If you find the best flat iron or curler that won’t damage your hair, you can relax a little bit more and protect it while still heat styling it as you wish.

The best curling irons have been around since the dawn of time, but they’ve evolved a lot in the last few decades.

Safety settings, barrel materials, and heat technology advancements are just a few improvements that make curlers the big style mega tool of today.

Here is a fact you will be astonished to know! The curling irons market is likely to increase at an annual growth rate of 5.8 percent from 2019 to 2025 to reach around 4.8 billion dollars by 2025.

This article will help you learn your favorite curling irons and why you should get the best curling irons that won’t damage hair.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

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  • Versatile performance
  • Ideal heating mechanism
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Top Pick <strong>Remington CI9538 Pro Curling Wand</strong>
Top Pick Remington CI9538 Pro Curling Wand
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  • Long swivel cord
  • Conical wand
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How to Find a Best Curling Iron that Won’t Damage Hair?

These days, using heat to straighten or curl your hair is no laughing matter. A lot of information and research is available that shows that if you apply heat in the wrong manner, it can damage your hair and scalp.

Here’s some excellent news: the type of curling iron you choose might make a massive difference in whether you can rock beautiful curls or not without having to experience the damage.

Before buying the curling iron, make sure you know these four things.

Hair Goals

Consider your hair goals before purchasing a curling iron. What kind of curls do you want? Are you striving for small curls, medium curls, or big curls?

Perhaps you want to create a style that is somewhere between wave and curl. Whatever your hair objectives are at the time will determine which tool is best for your style. As a result, you’ll have to conduct some research before buying the next iron.

Hair Texture

The type of hair you have can affect which curling iron works best for your straight hair. Some coarser textures need higher heat settings,

While other fine hair would benefit more from low-heat curling irons with lower temperatures that won’t harm their hair. So, it is better to know your hair textures before finalizing to buy a specific curling iron.

Hair Density

Always consider the overall thickness of your hair, as well as the texture. Thinner hair benefits most from a lower heat setting, whereas thicker hair requires a higher heat.

You want to select a curling iron that will barely harm your hair health or generate gaps in your hair shaft structure.

Price Point

Make a budget and stick to it. If you don’t set your budget ahead of time, the costs of curling irons might be a surprise, especially if you weren’t planning to invest in one.

A high-quality curling iron does not have to break the bank. There are numerous of them on the market. However, if you have the money to spend, do a little research and choose irons from that price range that meet your demands.

Top 5 Curling Irons with Advanced Technology that Won’t Damage Your Hair

1. Ghd Curling Irons, Curl & Wave Wands

This curling iron is one of the most innovative and unique curling irons on the market. The handle here is adorable.

The temperature settings are controlled by a turn knob, allowing for temperature adjustment.

The most significant recommended hair temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which the iron can reach. It is 1 inch in width.

The ghd irons have a distinctive shape and style, and their ergonomic shape makes working with this device more pleasant.

This device can curl your natural hair for the same amount of time all over, so you get uniform curling on all sections of your hair.

Why is it a Top Pick?

It’s a popular curling iron on Amazon, where users have loved it for its numerous features, including the following:

  • Excellent time feature
  • No restriction in mobility
  • 3-year warranty

Key Features

  • Ultra-zone technology
  • Effortless heat styling
  • Perfect curls
  • Shuts off the heating element automatically


  • Dual voltage ability makes it excellent for traveling
  • The dial is suitable to get the right amount of heat
  • Outstanding heat-conducting abilities


  • Some users find it a bit unwieldy
  • The grip is good, but not for everyone

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2. Remington Pro Series CI91WP T

Remington Pro Series CI91WP T

Want long-lasting curls? This Remington Pro Series has Thermaluxe Technology, which provides excellent superheat protection.

This low-temperature curling iron only reaches 410°F, and it appears like Remington did their research because 410 degrees is more than enough to curl your long hair without causing irreversible hair damage.

You can create big curls with plenty of volume with this iron. The curling iron creates a unique gradient heat technology,

Which concentrates the heat where it’s needed most. The bottom of the best curling wand will produce more heat than the tip, giving your roots the lift they need.

Why is it a Top Pick?

This curling iron was rated highly by users, with 73 percent of them claiming to have greater control while using it. Besides: this device offers:

  • Tapered barrel
  • 24 hours perfect curl hold
  • Protective gloves and a pouch

Key Features

  • Advanced thermal technology
  • Instant styling
  • Non-slip barrel


  • 30 seconds heat up
  • 60-minute auto-shutoff
  • Heat protective gloves


  • No dual voltage

3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curling Iron

The iron’s golden barrel heats up swiftly and maintains consistent heat to seal in the hair’s moisture while giving a gleaming sheen.

The extra-long cool tip offers a sturdy grip for the tool, preventing burns, and we know how easy it is to burn yourself when curling short hair.

If you’re in the market for a simple curling iron that provides professional-grade results, look no further than Paul Mitchell’s Express Gold Curl.

It falls in the middle of the price range compared to some of the other choices on this list, making it more accessible.

It’s a popular curling iron on Amazon, where users have loved it for its numerous features, including the following:

  • 3 in one curling iron
  • Sturdy and earthenware barrels
  • Enchanting adaptability

Key Features

  • Different temperature settings
  • Multiple styling options
  • Clamp-free barrels


  • Long-lasting curls
  • Versatile performance
  • Ideal heating mechanism


  • A bit expensive

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4. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Iron

BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Iron

I trust my BaByliss Pro ceramic curler completely. The 30 heat settings on this BaByliss Pro ceramic iron are said to work effectively on any hair type, avoiding unnecessary high heat. Maximum heat of up to 430°F is available in this no-burn curling iron.

The BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Iron offers superior far-infrared ionic technology and heat production, outperforming conventional ceramic curlers.

This no-burn curling iron is guaranteed to maintain uniform heat distribution across the ceramic barrel while eliminating hot spots that can damage your hair.

Why is it a Top Pick?

This Curling Iron is one of the most popular curling irons available on Amazon, where customers rated this product due to its unique features, such as:

  1. Create perfect dreamy beach waves
  2. Excellent for long hair
  3. Budget-friendly option

Key Features

  • Keep hair healthy with long-lasting voluminous loose curls
  • Even heat distribution
  • Uses infra-red heat


  • The 8-foot tangle-free swivel cord
  • 30 heat settings
  • Extremely affordable


  • No dual voltage

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5. Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume and Shape

The curler imitates a hairstylist’s work by adhering the strands to the ceramic barrel and passing heated air over them. The barrels have a thickness of two inches, but two 1.6-inch barrels are included with the set.

Dyson is famous for its high-tech yet reliable and efficient products. The curling iron is controlled by a digitally-driven motor built especially by Dyson.

It allows you to curl hair without causing damage, smooth, wave, and dry it safely.

Why is it a Top Pick?

Numerous users rated this curling iron on Amazon because they loved the product due to its fantastic features, including:

  • Three heat settings: 410F, 365F, and 330F
  • OLED screen
  • Lithium-ion battery

Key Features

  • Auto shutoff in 10 minutes
  • Magnetic 360-degree charging cable
  • 30 minutes of cord-free styling


  • Easily exchangeable four different barrels
  • Dry hair along with being styled
  • No damage due to overheating


  • Not inexpensive
  • Sometimes frustrating to use

Top Selling Curling Irons That Won’t Damage Hair, According to Stylists Who Use Them All the Time

6. REVLON Perfect Heat Ceramic Curling Iron

Top Selling Curling Irons That Won't Damage Hair, According to Stylists Who Use Them All the Time

The clamp of Revlon curling iron is solid, and the handle is pleasant to grip. The cool tip has just the appropriate size for preventing scorching while still allowing you to avoid burning by being cautious with a curling iron.

The Revlon curling iron is a styling tool for producing loose waves and stretched beachy waves. It has a 1.25-inch ceramic barrel with a tourmaline coating that emits negative ions. Thus, it protects the hair from damage and makes hair shiny.

Why is it a Top Pick?

The Revlon perfect curling iron is a fantastic product, and it has many excellent features, as noted by numerous consumers on Amazon:

  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Triple ceramic coating
  • 30 heat settings

Key Features

  • Dual voltage
  • Improvised and new design
  • Easy styling


  • Swivel cord
  • The curls do last for days
  • Smooth ceramic coating
  • Reduce damage from over-styling


  • Clip of curler may feel too tight

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7. Conair INFINITI PRO BY Titanium Curling Iron

Conair INFINITI PRO BY Titanium Curling Iron

The Conair INFINITI PRO is constructed of high-quality material that doesn’t get excessively hot yet creates long-lasting, expert-looking curls. This device locks in natural moisture and reduces frizz.

This INFINITI PRO curling iron is the most outstanding curler for bleached hair if you seek one that won’t damage it. It not only looks beautiful, but it also comes in two colors: a lovely Rose Gold and attractive Black.

Why is it a Top Pick?

The Conair INFINITI Pro curling iron is an excellent product with several exciting features, according to several Amazon customers:

  • Long-lasting and natural-looking curls
  • Superior level of heat protection
  • Curls for all hair types

Key Features

  • Auto-off and cool tip for safety
  • High-quality styling tool
  • Add shine and eliminate frizz


  • Swivel cord
  • The bouncy curls do last for days
  • Smooth ceramic coating
  • Reduce damage from over-styling


  • A bit bulky for traveling

8. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

 INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

The Nano Tourmaline Ceramic technology in this INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Curl Secret creates more natural negative ions than a curling iron can.

These natural negative ions help to maintain glossy thick hair that you will like.

In humidity, you’ll have mind-blowing curls for 24 hours. In other words, the gift of this curler’s nano-technology is the removal of hot spots and reduction in static and frizz, resulting in making hair healthy.

Why is it a Top Pick?

This tool has a lot of positive feedback on Amazon and is described by several users. The following are some of its features:

  1. Ceramic curling wand
  2. Clamp-free curls
  3. High-quality styling tool

Key Features

  • Multiple (up to five adjustable heat settings)
  • Extended warranty life
  • Reduced frizz


  • Auto turn off feature
  • Ceramic technology offers fast heating
  • 30 seconds heat up


  • No dual voltage

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9. Remington CI9538 Pro Curling Wand

Remington CI9538 Pro Curling Wand

The Remington CI9538 can heat up to 400 degrees in as little as 30 seconds. The heating time is also reduced for lower temperatures, allowing you to curl your hair fast. It may reach a temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Remington ceramic curling wand has numerous heat settings and crushed pearls for sleek, professional curls. The conical barrel is great for creating more giant, tousled waves as well as tight curls.

Why is it a Top Pick?

This device is well-known and used by numerous people, who have given their positive feedback, explaining the following features:

  • Frizz fighting control
  • Ceramic curling wand
  • Auto shut off

Key Features

  • 1 – 1.5-inch barrel size
  • Add shine and eliminate frizz
  • Professional pearl ceramic
  • Up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Digital LCD screen
  • Long swivel cord
  • Conical wand


  • The hair cuticle snags hair

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So, which is the Best Curling Iron for Damaged Hair?

5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

So which is the Best Curling Iron for Damaged Hair

The XTAVA 5-in-1 curling barrels and curling wands are constructed to meet or exceed the requirements for professional-grade and quality.

This XTAVA device includes five different barrels of various shapes and sizes that come standard in each unit.

This product is best known for its temperature range, overall performance, functionality and controls, value for money, and customer support.

Why is it a Top Pick?

I can’t get enough of the XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron. Everyone loves this product. Let me explain why it is a top pick:

  • 5 in one curling set
  • Budget-friendly
  • Maximum curling surface area
  • 2-year warranty

Key Features

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Provides a healthier and shinier finish
  • Reduce hair damage or loss
  • Digital temperature control
  • Suitable for all hair type


  • Numerous temperature setting features
  • Five interchangeable barrels
  • Quick heating technology
  • Excellent styling
  • Ensure even heat distribution


  • No cool tip

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Is titanium or ceramic curling iron better for your hair?

Go with titanium when you’re unsure. There is a wide range of hair types in every home, and titanium works well on every one of them.

It’s fantastic for hard-to-curl locks (regardless of whether they’re very fine hair or coarse). The ions in the Titanium curl iron help in the smoothing of frizz.

Ceramic is ideal for damaged hair since it causes minor damage to your hair than titanium does. The ions in the ceramic hot tools protect against the danger of being too damaging.

The ions also help to smooth the fine hair. So, if you have frizzy hair, you’ll be happy with the ceramic curling tool.

What is the best material for a curling iron?

The finest quality curling rods are composed of ceramic with tourmaline added to prevent damage to your hair. The ideal curling product now is a ceramic-tourmaline one.

If your hair is thick or coarse, a titanium-barreled rod may be more appropriate. If you’re on a budget, a gold-plated rod is ideal.

You can avoid Teflon and Chrome at all costs, especially when you have thin hair.

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How do you not damage your hair when curling it?

Here are some tips that help you lessen the heat damage while curling your hair, creating lovely volume, and getting loose curls to stay.

  • Make sure your curly hair is dry
  • Use a heat protectant to get voluminous curls for less than 7 seconds
  • Prefer a lower setting to reduce heat damage
  • Don’t use curler again and again on the same hair

How to prevent further heat damage?

It’s not always possible to just stop using your hot tools, and it doesn’t have to be. If you want to continue using your curling irons on chemically treated hair,

There are a few simple precautions you can take. Here is some crucial guidance for anyone to prevent further heat damage:

  • Try to use a heat protectant to keep your hair healthier and protect them.
  • Use the right temperature while styling your hair
  • Use high-quality hair products (hydrating hair mask) and wrap hair for sometime
  • Go for a protein treatment to strengthen your fragile hair strands
  • Give your hair daybreak from heat styling

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Well! It’s time to conclude things up!

It’s a significant investment to buy new hot tools. Look at the ones I’ve reviewed here, and make sure you read reviews and find the best curling irons that won’t damage hair.

Let us know which product is your favorite in the above-mentioned list.

If you ask for our opinion, here it is.

If you want hair tools with advanced thermal technology, choose Remington Pro Series CI91WP T. Paul Mitchell Curling Iron is excellent if the price is not an issue. For dreamy waves, you can go for BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Curling Tool.

If you are looking for a unique design with different heat settings, choose REVLON Perfect Heat Ceramic Curler.

However, an ideal choice among the above list is 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set with an affordable price tag, digital temperature control, and suitable for all hair types. You may like other curling irons mentioned above.

You’ll be glad you did some research, and your hair will thank you with brilliant shine and a healthy appearance.

If you have any question, let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to assist you!